eSet meter has a flat disk with a single vac setting, eliminating constant adjustments. It releases seeds down the center of the tube-critical to optimum spacing. It has a 5-lobed singular that makes sure no two seeds of any kind can occupy the same hole. One seed locks in and one seed drops. Every time.

A simple replacement for OEM vacuum disks on John Deere planters. You get the disk, baffle, singulator, brushes and seed extractor. Everything mounts to your existing meter housing (1991 or later).


20/20 Seed Sense

Engineered for speed and the utmost accuracy.
Gravity is taken out of the equation with SpeedTube.
Who doesn’t want to go faster? That’s what our engineers asked themselves as they developed SpeedTube. The problem has always been that going faster eliminates your chance at picket fence stands.
But what if gravity had nothing to do with it? The flighted belt is the answer. By controlling the seed all the way from the meter disk to the furrow, the problem is solved. Feeder wheels at the top of the SpeedTube grab the seed from the disk and deposit it into a flighted belt that controls the seed all the way to the bottom of the trench.




Todd Kimbrell Jr is a Premiere Precision Planting Dealer for Hill County, Texas and surrounding areas. Also added to our team is Allen Meissner located in Bartlett, Tx who can serve you in the central Texas area.

YieldSense drives better decisions with data you can trust.
Other yield monitors fall short. When speed changes, so does the mass of grain passing the flow sensor, and you get varying results. YieldSense changes the way grain flow is measured. Our patented flow sensor is installed in the correct location, so accurate yield is measured across all mass rates.
With real time yield by hybrid reports, wireless data sharing between combines, and a Grain Property Kit to keep the system accurate, YieldSense gives you the tools you need for better decisions at harvest and beyond.


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With is color-coded, touchscreen display, you'll spot any errors in down force, spacing and singulation immediately. SeedSense tells you what you need to know about population, skips, doubles, speed, row unit ride, down force and ground contact. Enables you to seed precisely, maintain depth, avoid compaction and troubleshoot mechanical problems. Easy to use main screen, green means go, yellow means cation and red means stop and fix whats wrong. 

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